Structural Design Services


The structural design of your project, no matter the size or scope, is led by one of our associate engineers.

This engineer has valuable experience in projects of all sizes and ensures a clear understanding of all particularities and architectural features of your project. He leads a team of some of the most skilled engineers and talented technicians in Quebec.

This engineer with the whole team, clients, architects and collaborators, to deliver a structural design that is optimal and fully coordinated. He focuses on constructability and respect for the budget and schedule.

The SDK team of engineers includes generalists and specialists from every field of structural engineering. Whether institutional or private projects, high-rise or low-rise construction, exhaustive structural analyses, minor interventions to existing structures, new constructions or heritage building restorations, we tailor our approach to the specific requirements of any project.

The delivery method selected by the client dictates how we perform our work, including: conventional methods, construction management practice, turnkey solutions, public-private partnership or fast track construction.

Thorough and comprehensive

Site Services


SDK employs a team of engineers entirely dedicated to site services. Stemming either from a structural design or construction background, our site engineers will base their decisions on a vast experience in the field.

Members of our team will offer technical support during all phases of construction by ensuring conformity of the site work with our plans and specifications. They will work closely with the clients to follow contractor scheduling and payment requests. They will manage all modification requests and adjustments to documents to reflect site conditions.

Our site engineers work closely with the project design team, benefitting from direct access to all plans and documents. They have the ability to transmit directives and communications live through the BIM system. (Building Information Modelling).


Building Information Modeling (BIM)


BIM is a numerical model of a building, including all the technical information required for its construction, maintenance, repairs and eventual upgrades or expansions. It is shared with all actors in the project: architects, engineers, clients and eventually the builder and the building operator.

BIM also facilitates all communication, information sharing and data management related to a construction project.

For a number of years, the SDK technical team has been effectively using BIM technology to develop structural drawings. This system is also used proficiently by our site engineers.

Since 2007, SDK has invested in developing REVIT/BIM processes, methods and routines tailored to the preparation of structural engineering documents. The goal is to standardize work methods and drawing renderings in order to better control drawings, and share data and structural element families.

Our extensive BIM expertise is regularly put into practice in our work with collaborators, architects and clients on a variety of projects of all sizes.


Structural Studies


The SDK team is equipped to conducts a wide variety of structural and technical studies on existing or planned buildings.

Before the onset of a new project, whether for a feasibility study, developing a preliminary concept, or evaluating different options, our engineers identify the relevant structural issues so that precise recommendations can be made.

Our engineers work to develop technical and functional programs in collaboration with the client, architects and various stakeholders to define the structural objectives of the project in line with the client’s requirements, budgets and schedule.

For existing buildings, our expertise in seismic rehabilitation and the renovation of existing infrastructure enables us to assess their state and make recommendations regarding the required corrective measures to improve their condition or slow their deterioration.


Structural Rehabilitation


SDK engineering experts have honed their expertise in renovating, transforming and upgrading existing buildings, both occupied and vacant. Our experts develop optimal structural solutions for simple renovations, horizontal or vertical expansions, and change in building use.

Over the decades, SDK has developed structural solutions that are respectful of a building’s history, existing conditions and the architectural vision for the project.

Our experience in phasing and disturbance mitigation during construction will be greatly beneficial to rehabilitation projects in occupied buildings.

Creative solutions and innovative methods will be developed to great advantage in buildings requiring a seismic retrofit.


Timber Structures


Historically restricted to only residential construction, wood structures are now increasingly employed to construct large-scale buildings, in both institutional and private sectors.

We have designed using timber structural elements, multiple flagship projects, many of which have received awards of excellence. SDK has the skills and experience to turn your wood project into a reality, whether it’s using wood as an architectural accent, designing a hybrid structure using wood in combination with another material, or working entirely in wood, including the design of connections and fasteners.


Civil Engineering


Our civil engineering services include the design of underground services, sewers, drainage, aqueducts, fire protection, parking lots, access roads, site development and storm water retention studies. Our clients appreciate that the design of these works are undertaken with the utmost respect for environmental sustainability.

We also conduct work on urban facilities, such as boardwalks, outdoor pools, esplanades, bike paths, pedestrian areas, skate parks, running tracks, parks and football fields with natural or artificial turf. We can also develop access roads, viaducts and culverts, in both urban and rural areas.

Our services include preparatory studies, preparation of plans and specifications and site services during construction.


Structural Glass

verres_structurels expertises

Integrating elements of structural or architectural glass into buildings is a dynamic, durable way to give your project a spectacular window on the world.

Our services are offered to architects, designers, building owners, manufacturers or glasswork subcontractors. Our expertise shines in the development of new glass systems, mullion-free facades, guardrails and glass partitions, concept verification and showcasing glass as an architectural or load-bearing element.