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Abbaye cistercienne of St-Jean-de-Matha

Built for the access to the abbey, this 1.5 km road is built in a rural environment and was conceived to respect the criteria of the Ministry of the sustainable Development of the Environment and the Parks. A quite particular attention was taken to contribute to the preservation of the existing vegetation and to the development of the proposed access.

The rain waters from the roof and the inner courtyard are collected in an underground retention pond which can store the quantity of water necessary for the fire protection and overflows in cases of heavy rains into a swamp area.

Sanitary waters from the building are treated by an artificial system of reeds purifiers and are reused in the building for domestic use (toilets area, non-drinking water, etc.) or sent back towards the receiving swamp.

An existing swamp was revitalized by digging it out, waterproofing it and adding it plants and reeds.

Abbaye cistercienne of St-Jean-de-Matha

PHD Architecture
Pierre Thibault Architect
Nathalie Dion Architect

Completion: 2007
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